Wednesday, October 11, 2006

she prefer the pink collar, thank you very much

So we bit the bullet and installed invisible fencing across the driveway. When I bought the system, I realized that the collar was less than pretty so I bought her a lovely bubble gum pink collar as well. . . with a matching leash. Sophie seems like a dog that would look good in pink.

Now, I know that the dog is collar blind but she really did seem to like the new collar. . . or at least one of them.

For those of you who know Sophie's larger than life personality you will appreciate the fact that she hasn't received a 'correction' yet. She is just scared of the warning noise that the collar makes. The joggers may now pass our house in safety due to the magic power of empty cans of soda and a beeping driveway.

note: Barry, who most frequently walks the dog, was less than thrilled with the new pink accessories.

**2 points for the pun

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