Tuesday, October 10, 2006

education plan or free delivery? . . . you decide

So a favorite conversation around the Brever household (other than the dog and public peeing) is the upcoming elections.

With just a couple of weeks to go, it is pretty funny to see how the candidates attack each other and position themselves to the public.

To be fair, I wouldn't say that I have an unbiased eye when evaluating commercials. . . but regardless, one seems to stick way out to me. Although, I am not a superfan of this candidate, I do think these commercials are beyond silly.
Has anyone else been bothered by Pawlenty's commercials this year? Is it me or do they look oddly like an furniture store commercial? Is Pawlenty going to offer a Labor day BLOWOUT?! For fun and games. . . do check out the Warner Stellian web site. Similarities anyone? Is he trying to transfer the brand equity of a reliable refrigerator to the gubernatorial role? Which only begs one question. . .
Is your governor running? better go catch it.

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