Sunday, December 31, 2006

a new year, a new idea

So I am really thinking about what kind of future I want to create for myself. We still need to talk about this. . . soon. In the mean time, I have been thinking about this great future of mine; full of hope, full of possibility.

Long term, I have always wanted to work for myself- and lately I have been working very hard at finding things that I truly enjoy. Turns out that I enjoy pretty things. like flowers. Hence- I am going to start a floral design business. Call me crazy. "you're crazy" But at least I will be crazy surrounded by pretty things!

Matty and I are going to go at this together as a growth opportunity for both of us. We are probably one year away from actually making a run at this, even part time. I have always wanted to write a business plan, so regardless if this actually flies or not, I think it will be a great opportunity for expanding my knowledge. I really like my job but I also like to dream too, so I figure researching and creating a brand will be a fun little hobby to do on the weekends.

(I actually have been thinking about this for awhile. One of my favorite activities in paris was popping around the many flower shops, they just do flowers so wonderfully. Minnesota as many of you know seems to be the capital of baby's breath and evergreen. . . there seems to be so much opportunity for something different. I also suspect there is an opportunity for a new brand and so the research begins. . . ) Even if we are just putting together a brand plan without doing any business for a couple of years, I love these types of projects and can't wait to start the project!!

This is where Matt and I need your help. We have put together a brief anonymous survey. Please give us some insights on brand and preference. We aren't planning on opening a store front, so we will be focusing on design driven, large scale projects (as opposed to foot traffic sales). All questions are open ended because we want to encourage as many ideas as possible! We will keep you posted via the blog as we go!

brief survey. . . .

Thursday, December 28, 2006

back from sabbatical

Yes. . . I am back, and by back I mean in a daily way. (hopefully)

Where have you been, you ask? Well. . . that is a story in itself. And one that I am going to share, but just not now. I have tried to talk to many of you about it in person, but unfortunately I haven't made the rounds in full yet. I will write more, but in the meantime know that all is well and returning to normal. I didn't want to leave this as a cliffhanger, but. . . .

We are celebrating Matty's birthday tonight. We will have to talk tomorrow. A bientot!