Wednesday, October 11, 2006

in response to corporate america's excessive spending

Last night I had drinks with a friend and we talked about the difference between government organizations, non-profits and the for-profit world. Many a time I have been blown away at how we choose to spend the corporation's money. I have often thought my new world to be quite absurd and full of needless excess.

Here is a great example: I present my chair. Retail price $500.

To quote my father, "$500? Is it made of gold?" Yep. and on the hour it releases soothing vapors of frankincense and myrrh.

If I think of myself in my theater role, $500 can make a huge difference in a production budget. At my job though. . . no one even bats an eye. So here I am straddled between two or three very different worlds. . . confused.

At least my bum is comfy.

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