Wednesday, May 10, 2006

why can't every day be like this?

It can and it will.

The day started out brilliantly as I woke up with that nervous excitement in my stomach that reminded me of the feeling of field trip day at school. I could never sleep the night before the zoo. . . The barrister comes tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT. So ready. . . so ready.

I woke up feeling like it was one of those days where you can create your own reality. I went to the gym rather promptly. I can waste hours a day thinking about going to the gym but not really going. But not today. . . today I meant business.

My gym is about 6 blocks from my house which are both in the center of Paris. I don't know my neighborhood all that well- especially not street names. Furthermore, I have NO SENSE OF DIRECTION WHATSOEVER. On the way to the gym 3 people asked me for directions. Do I look like I know what I am doing? Times this has happened in the past=0. France or US.

I then went shopping and found almost everything that I needed- included a pretty kick ass anniversary gift. Tell you later. . . .

I was doing so well and enjoying the city so much that I decided to go after another of my life goals. Today I saw a movie by myself. I am pretty sure the movie (Mission Impossible 3- not my first choice. . . but there was a limited choice of movies in English) was 'ok' but the experience nearly rocked my world. I don't know why I don't take myself out on dates more often. I am great company! The best part of today, is that I spent the entire day out by myself and didn't have to switch to English at all. Not even when trying to order a iced vanilla latte without sugar from the Starbucks. I tell you, when I take people on a date, I spare no expense. Money well spent I think, I hear I put-out.

I have to study for a quiz tomorrow. I don't know how I am going to concentrate because I am SO EXCITED!!

It is especially meaningful to have barry here now as it is the weekend that I would have graduated had I not studied abroad. It will be fun to have him here to join in my petit/ pre-mature celebration.


Verlyn said...

I want to hear about the kick-ass anniversary present!

SparkyJT said...

Hearts are aflutter! Love is in the air!

Johnny Walker said...

Have a great weekend with Barry!

Anonymous said...

went to "your" graduation today and thought happy thoughts of you in the place of where you would have walked across the stage. perteet had on cute shoes - black strappy things- but i didn't bump into her up close.
amy walked with her class but it was anticlimatic as she graduated in december. long ceremony, but a moving speech my Marilyn Carlson-N.

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