Monday, May 15, 2006

looking back on a lovely weekend

My hubby was here this weekend and I have to say that it makes me so excited to go home. We had a great time and mostly because we didn't do a whole heck a lot.

We spent time in both Monaco and Paris. Great times people.

Great. Great. Great.

Favorite quote of the week-end . . .
Barry on hearing loss: "My grandfather had it, my father has it. . . I am pretty sure it's genital."
Pip: "umm."
Barry: "That doesn't sound right."
Pip: "Pretty sure it's not." *

To keep things equitable, I won't only embarass the barrister. One major bummer from this weekend was the bathtub drain attacking my toenail. err.
I love baths. . . and in my eagerness I didn't see the drain at the bottom of the tub, hence I ripped off my toenail. At which point I had to call my cute husband to come help my nakedness out of the bathtub. ow.
Ow for the toe, ow for the ego.

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