Tuesday, May 09, 2006

ho hum

Life is merrily rolling along these days. Today was a day like so many others.

I ran this morning and am glad to say that I am at about 5 miles a day which is a great place for me to start the summer. I love having the ability to just put on a pair of shoes and head out the door. I really need to be entertained while I run. Hence, no headphones, no run. similar to no woman no cry. . . but yet not at all. Today I listened to a couple of chapters of audio- Harry Potter. I am not a 'fan' yet per se, as much as I am curious what all the mcfuss is about. I am listening to book one. I will let you know. . .

I then came back, showered, ate some cereal and headed to Jouy for class. It normally takes 90 minutes to get from my apartment to Jouy but today it took 2. 5 hours. It was okay- I got work done but I was late for class. No worries, I grabbed a cup of coffee to walk into the classroom with. The French hall pass.

After class my French teacher offered to drive me home- which was an 'adventure.'
I then proceeded to stumble my way through our French conversation a.k.a. "small talk." I was trying to ask if she had family in the area- but instead I said "Do you live with someone?" and she said "Yes I live with someone." (pause) uh uh uh "Oh, that building is pretty!"

Maybe it doesn't look awkward when written- but in person I clearly felt that I asked a question that she didn't want to answer with her clueless French pupil. If I were in junior high, I would instantly create theories about her hidden love life. Who am I kidding, I am going to tell Joy about this tomorrow morning asap! . . Mature kid over here.

Also- I need some good anniversary ideas for the barrister. I haven't come up with any ideas that I LOVE yet. . . some loves. . . but no LOVE. I am especially in need of good gift ideas! please email me your thoughts!


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