Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I found it!

Taaaa Daaaa!!

What do you say Mr. Belinda Jensen, since we went all the way to London to benchmark our client, does that make Federated the worst team ever? Have you seen wedding crashers?

Post script: I watched wedding crashers on the plane ride to Paris.


Verlyn said...

I'm loving this! I'm so glad you sent me the contact info.
Remember when I met Eric and told him he'd better be good to you or he had to deal with me? Well, he's got me forever now with what he wrote in your blog while he was there.
I have so many questions. Can we please get together when you get back?
Love you as always!

cp said...

Nope, Cargill is now taking the cake for worst team ever.

Ps. I'm writing this as my computer is hooked up to my 56" TV. I may never leave my basement again.

Anonymous said...

Wait does this mean you liked wedding crashers? I'm confused

pip said...

I liked wedding crashers, yes. We have an advisor who REALLY likes wedding crashers- so it was a bit of an inside joke! Miss you bunches!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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