Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I present a conversation:

Pip- A 20 something from MN who is frequently a bit immature
Kay (KIE)- a 20 something from Norway who is soooo considerate and kind, that several international students have dubbed him, "Cute Kay."

The scene:

Pip: . . . . . . . .oh booger.
Kay: What does "booger" mean?
Pip: UMM. Nasal discharge?
Kay: Nasal Discharge-- you sound so formal.
Pip: Right. Wasn't sure if "snot" would be considered slang or not.
Kay: No, no. I know what "snot" is. So what does "booger" mean other than "snot?" It is good for me to learn slang.
Pip: Uh Kay. . . "booger" isn't really slang that people use regularly. Um, just me. yeah.

Scene may have been altered slightly due to lack of memory, presence of alcohol, and to allow it to run in the time alotted.


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