Saturday, February 18, 2006


Pip: SHAWN (insert whining) I don't speak French well. . .
Pip: And it (reprise) SUCKS.
Shawn: At least you speak english didn't say "i don't speak french good"

Right. It could be worse.

**A note on the french-thing. I was doing better with the French when I was watching tv in Paris and getting around town. I still struggled to speak- but I could understand almost everything around me. Needless to say it is much harder at the school to understand average conversation.


rox said...

yay so glad to hear from you!
this sounds like a wondrous adventure!!Rox

Emily said...

I really hope that there are video cameras following you. We could call it "REAL WORLD, Dana in France" or "Survivor" You are the star of your own movie. Love you lady, have a great time waking up when the rest of us are still sleeping!

TGTgirl said...

Hello love! What adventures! You have such an ecclectic writing style- I LOVE IT! Keep the great stories coming. I'll be following along! And do try to find more food- you're going to waste away!