Saturday, February 18, 2006

2 points of clarification

Since I have already had several questions:

1. The bathroom is really co-ed. Really. 2 stalls. 2 urinals. And yes, you have to walk by the urinals to get to the stalls. The floor is co-ed and there are 12 single rooms.

2. The curtains are really green. As in neon, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air green. Ok- the curtains aren't that bad. . . but they cover an entire wall during the night and I feel like I am living inside a lime.


ramblingbarrister said...

Weren't the bathrooms in Tommy Hall co-ed?

Have a great first day of classes dear!

Emily said...

wow, thats different from st. bens. Boys were illegal after midnight. St. John's of course seemed more coed...gotta love free laundry!