Monday, February 20, 2006

not too shabby

Highlights from my trip to Paris:

1. My French is improving by leaps and bounds. I have met some nice Canadians who make me speak in French all the time! It is great! I was also able to easily have all my conversations with waiters/ store clerks etc. en francais.(which was a struggle 3 days ago)

2. Pip: "Hmm. That building looks big. (pause) Wait. That looks like Notre Dame!" Yep. *(Quasi comes home. . . ;)
*For Barrister and Kate.

3. I got a wee bit motion sick on the bus and train--- I didn't "get" sick-- but it was a pretty uncomfortable trip home. Could have been because I didn't get much sleep the night before. Coke light has much more caffeine that diet coke. I am going to stick to bowl coffee from now on.

4. A french student asked me if I was from the US OR Brittain! This means I am making progress in my French right?

5. I have another neighbor-- he likes a lot of bass when he plays video games. Based on my wall shaking, I think he is invading. . .

6. The other students who are studying abroad are fantastic. I am really excited about this experience!

summary: Sunday was a much better day all together and I am not feeling nearly as homesick as I was on Saturday. Thank you all for the kind messages!

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