Saturday, March 24, 2007

how gladys came to be

When you name a child you are supposed to consider any horrible nickname that might be thrown at your child in junior high right?

I am assuming dogs have similar adolescent angst.

Gladys was very nearly a Phyllis. On its own it seemed entirely harmless. When considering the overall family though we realized that celebrity nickname trend was going to be a problem. Whether its TomKat or Brandgelina, we all know saying two names separately is farrrr too much effort. So let's assume that we will slur them together. . .

Phyllis + Sophie= Philosophy. Fair. Kind of Cute. Ok. I buy.

Sophie + Phyllis= Syphilis. No. way. in. hell.

Gladys was the close number two, and the only negative comment we could imagine was some nasty pit bull calling her a "happy butt." There are worse things to be called. Plus we are SoGlad to have her in the family.


Maza said...

love it.

SparkyJT said...

We came up with nicknames for Gladys too, Adys or Addie. Cute, Huh!?!