Tuesday, March 06, 2007

for the love

Why does this dog refuse to pee outside?!

Tonight I have cleaned up 6 accidents and one pool of vomit. (Sophie must have eaten something, like part of Gladys' ear. jokes. all ears are intact. but vomit, yes. that was not a joke. guaranteed. vomit doesn't make a funny joke. no sirreee.)

We are making progress- Sophie is no longer glaring at the new addition- and has even smiled a couple of times. I think she is jealous of Gladys' obviously superior intellect. In 2 days she has already learned to recognize her name and where the treats are kept. That is about 2 years ahead of Sophie's development.

So, key realizations over the last couple of days-
*We didn't realize how much Sophie really wasn't a puppy until there was another puppy
*Indeed Sophie looks like the size of a horse compared to a puppy
*Sophie is absolutely the dumbest dog on the face of the earth
*Eric is convinced that his green robe is magic. Gladys really loves it. I am pretty excited because it is likely that I will finally be able to get rid of it!
*I do have enough love for 2. I think Sophie will too. eventually. maybe. God willing.


Casey and Tom said...

Congratulations on the puppy! Gladys is very cute. I don't miss the puppy potty training- at least the baby wears diapers! Carter's kind of a puker though and ALWAYS goes straight to the rug or carpet. ARGH. Gotta love the dogs. Getting together would be very fun! ~Casey

R said...

Aww, the puppy look so good. I'm glad to read you're doing well. :)