Saturday, January 27, 2007

uff da

I am back in the country. My trip to Toronto went very well until the unfortunate re-inactment of planes trains and automobiles on the trip home. I was planning on being back yesterday in the early evening but ended up rolling in much later into the night! In fact, I have been spending some quality time napping today.

I had a great time, but the conference was a lot like going to camp. with booze. One of my teammates presented and did great, which was fun to watch. I was so proud! My projects also got some great feedback so I felt really good about the direction I am going at work. I have lots of great pictures from my trip that I will post soon, including a couple of work type photos and some shots from my 2 hour sightseeing excursion into Toronto. I will get to those posts soon, in the meantime I am going to drink some caffeine and make some plans to detox my liver.

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