Tuesday, January 30, 2007

only sophie

So it took a while to figure out exactly what is wrong with our dog. . . but it's not cancer. Actually they aren't entirely sure what it is but apparently it isn't going to kill her. The black scary mass in her foot that freaked out the surgeon is some sort of bacterial infection in her foot- again not sure how it got there or what caused it but a course of antibiotics should fix it. Still may need to amputate if the joint dislocates again. Just another reason why our dog is "special."

We are still all splinted up- or we were all splinted up. . . until we ate our cast off last night. Now we are wearing a sock and limping.

first trip to the vet: 450
second trip to the vet: 400
watching your dog eat off a very expensive splint in the middle of the night: priceless

No longer worried about losing the toe, as much as losing an arm and a leg

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