Friday, January 19, 2007

a pawthetic attempt at a birthday

So let me recap the last day of events.

Brev turned 28. Woo hoo!
Sophie dislocated her paw. Boo hoo!

Puppy is having surgery today to either re-tighten the ligaments in the paw to keep them from popping out again or they are going to just amputate the part that is popped out. (but not the entire paw.)

The funniest part of this journey was how they kept asking if it was okay to take the next step with the dog.
"the x-ray will be $100, is that ok?"
"the x-ray didn't work, we have to sedate her. The quote for that is $70. Is that ok?"
"We forgot to quote you for the blood work for the sedation for the xray. That is $50. Is that ok?"

What did they expect me to say. . . No? The dog can't walk. OF COURSE we will get it fixed!!!

---breaking news---

Surgeon just called. Sophie has a tumor in her foot and they have taken some biopsies throughout her leg and foot to see how much they will have to amputate. Cancer sucks. Sad for Sophie. The surgeon was very nice though and asked us to decide how much financially and emotionally we wanted to invest in the dog. Tough conversations around the cottage today.

Sadly, "shake" was the only trick we did well. Tough for a three legged dog. Updates to come soon.


Sarah said...

Poor Sophie!

Verlyn said...

That's sso sad! Tough decision.
God bless!