Wednesday, October 04, 2006

when in doubt. . . take it out

alternate title: Oh gee I blew out my boobicle.

So I had my boobicle ultrasound and I have not one, but two TWO! lumps!

They know that they are solid, so they are going to do a surgical biopsy/removal on Friday. I am told it is no big deal- but I shouldn't lift anything with my right arm for two days afterward.

Next weeks blogging topic: the beauty of asymmetry.


Verlyn said...

Love and prayers and only good thoughts!

Anonymous said...

we are with you.... you are in my thoughts and praryers.... i like that you can take this lightly, but we are here either way if you want to talk about it more. see you in the ed of oct for camping or fun lounging around - karo