Tuesday, May 02, 2006

life's lessons not yet learned

stIf you put your hair binders in the same place each and every day, they will be there each and every day.

Right. So I know this in my heart. Yet, I insist on scattering them everywhere so that I can have an adventure each and every day when I leave the house. Smart.

Well, adventures are fun right?


Verlyn said...

The risk is this: now you search all over and find them. I have advanced (in direct parallel to advancing years) to putting things "where I will be sure to find them"------never to be seen again!

Anonymous said...

don't bother searching...you can go my commericalistic route and just buy in bulk and then store them everywhere you can think of that you might want to find one (mine can be found in all coat pockets, purses, glove compartments, cup holders of cars, parents' living spaces, 3 places in my desk at work...)sjansen

Anonymous said...

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