Tuesday, February 28, 2006

prom with smoke and booze

So this is a wee late, but here is a quick description of the gala.

All day I was in class for this mandatory seminar that I am doing this weekend and next weekend. Which was a major bummer because it meant that I missed Kirsten’s wedding. More on that later. After being in class for six days straight, I was pretty jazzed about doing “something” during the evening- especially if that “something meant getting out of Jouy en Josas. There was a fundraising- gala put on by the school and it seemed like as good of a plan as any. The gala was really the prom with cigarettes and alcohol in a very beautiful location. There were six of us who went in one itsy-bitsy euro-car (driven by someone else). A very kind student drove us there- which totally rocked because it was quite chilly to be parading to the train station in dress and heels. Highlights: The Westin is beautiful, so beautiful that it has bodyguards at the door. Apparently I sound the same when I say champagne and alcool—(how is that for a bad accent?). The French can dance easily with a lit cigarette in their hand and I managed to not get burned once. There are NO cabs at 4:30 am in Paris. NO CABS. We got another ride home with another very kind student. Yay for the French people! It was quite a bit of fun however and I am growing increasingly concerned about the welfare of my liver- especially since the BIG Thursday party is this week- the one that goes to 5 am instead of 3 am. Can’t wait to see that madness. Gala pictures available here.

Side note- I called the Idzerdies on Sunday and caught them together at lunch the day after Kirsten’s wedding, a very typical Idzerdy happening. It was good to talk to them on so many levels but it really gave me a real dose of sadness. As much as I am thankful for being here, I also feel a deep regret for missing the life events of the people who mean so much. Love you all SOOO much!

Congratulations Kirsten and Reggie!


Anonymous said...

sorry that you missed the wedding as well babe. it was fun. hightlight-- karolanne saying "you smell so good. you smell WAY better than I do!". Ask her about it... good times.
we love you.

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