Thursday, February 23, 2006

nap cures all

My spirits are up today folks. Last night I got--count em-- 10 hours of sleep! I followed it up by a 2 hour nap after class! Mad props over here. The debt of sleep deprivation has been paid in full, with interest.

My classes in general are not very difficult- except for the occasional blindsiding by the teacher-- for example my marketing strategy class has all the cases in French with no translation. Well, that's a bummERR (french for bummer) if I ever saw one.

Yesterday, I went down to Jouy en Josas to catch the train to Paris. (which deserves an explanation point) Paris! I heart Paris! There were three of us and we walked around the streets a bit- got cell phones switched over and exchanged money. I also got a new pair of jeans with glitter! Apparently my 20 year old friends think that I need to dress less matronly. . . . hence the glitter. Very chouette. I am getting a better feel for the weather and the clothing now and have started to supplement my wardrobe with more practical things that work well in mud.

One of the girls is from the OC which I found to be pretty funny after yesterday's conversation. She told us at dinner about the process for rushing a sorority-- let's just say that I had NO idea that the tv show the OC was based on truth. I heart Minnesota. (but no explanation point. . .)

Getting back to the quaint setting of Jouy en Josas proved to be somewhat challenging late in the evening. Many of the trains were no longer running at that time, so it took well over 2 hours to make the trip. When we got back to Jouy en Josas (J+J for the csom folks) the bus to campus wasn't running. It is quite easy to walk to J+J but very hard to walk from J+J. Regardless of what path you take, the campus is on a GI-normous hill. Due to my impromptu training session last night, I felt pretty ok about skipping my workout this morning in favor of my marathon sleeping session.

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