Friday, February 10, 2006

And she makes a mighty fine lemon bar.

The other night, my dad took me out for dinner before I left. We always knew when my dad wanted to celebrate because he would insist on ordering a steak. Steak is the traditional meat of celebration in the Kelly world. So on our date to Outback- home of the Aussie Steak, My dad and his fiance, Marge, talked about different issues in each of our lives. I realized while my dad and Marge were talking about their first date how the table had turned. They talked about their upcoming, yet not planned, nuptuals and my father called her 'mother' when asking her what 'mother' wanted to order. ("Mother should order the steak")

I would have thought that my father replacing my mom with another woman would be hard for me to take. But I have to say that at some point despite myself I actually became an adult.

Marge is a great addition to our family, even though she is short. She makes my dad a happy man. And for that I am happy.

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