Friday, April 27, 2007


Working with high school kids is often more tiring than working with 8 year olds. I am this close (imagine me holding my forefinger and thumb 1 inch apart) from making them run laps before rehearsals in order to get them adequately tired.

However- the merits are pretty much awesome. I overheard this last night:

boy number 1: I have totally been shaving since June.
boy number 2: Right, but how often?
boy number 1: Once a week.
boy number2: Oh. I am already up to three times a week.
boy number 1: But the doctors say that I am only 80% of the way through puberty. . .so. . . .

I officially have a summer cast. . . holy talent batman. I won the directing lottery on this one. Last Saturday was spent listening to almost 100 performances by some pretty awesome talent. (and some not. . . one girl accompanied herself with her ipod.--ie. headphones. Honey, just because you can hear it doesn't necessarily mean that I can too.)

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