Monday, April 16, 2007

back. . . but not really

Back from London-- yay! But I don't have a ton of time otherwise so I am not 'really' back. I will post pictures soon though- fun times had by all.

I know I do this to myself, but allow the minor venting session-- it is good natured in intent. . . .

So, I am now officially employed at 3 places. Cast list went up today and I start rehearsals Wed, with auditions for the next show in a marathon session on Saturday. Fortunately, this will only officially last for one month. . or until the teaching things is done. Final presentations finish on May 7 and God willing, I will be done with grading by the weekend after. . . which gives me 3 weeks to put up a play quick. No sweat.

At least I am lucky enough to be working at things that fill my heart with joy. Damn lucky.

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