Thursday, January 11, 2007

and I just said. . .that I was going to start again

Oops. wow, how time flies when you are having fun. . . urr. work. Okay, so I am taking this project to a fair in a couple of weeks and I have been working around the clock to get it done. Essentially it is a 'table' with a nerd board. My feature. . . a working volcano!

stupid jokes aside, there will be no volcano, but I did want to reinforce my 'brand refreshing' theme by serving mojitos. Which further built my reputation for being the corporate eccentric. I thought the mojitos were kind of witty- in the witty/lame kind of way. It would make my booth popuLAR. My boss decided that I could hand out minty gum. Not nearly as sexy as mojitos. Sexy like a Hanes 3 pack.

Perhaps I will offer a practice GRE at my booth:

Mojitos are to frilly pink panties as trident is to______.

big blog to come soon. . . promise. . urr. I'l try.

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