Tuesday, October 24, 2006


So nothing interesting is happening in my world, hence the lack of postings. I will give you the cliffs notes of the past week or so.

  • Took many naps.
  • Went to a movie, The Departed, with Matty and Brev (Barry). Played a killer game of Ocean Hunter before the movie.
  • Had drinks with a couple of friends. Have I mentioned that I am a lucky girl? Indeed 'tis true
  • I am in DC this week and witnessing huge amounts of corporate excessive spending, ie., our fair booth has an espresso bar.
  • I totally watched the Devil Wears Prada on pay per view last night and billed it to the company. I am also enjoying the million-odd thread count sheets, marble everything and the ability to stay in a hotel that is WAY OUT OF MY TAX BRACKET.
I will try to be more interesting going forward.

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