Saturday, October 14, 2006

quiz- not really sure what to make of this!

I am a excalibur!
Find your own pose!

We ALL know that I think about sleep. a. lot.

Technical score 5.1

Artistry score 6.0.

Apparently my bellying up to an affection for fair churros during the quiz scored me a Kama Sutra sleeping style.

Excalibur Traits and Tendencies
Excalibur couples may battle just as much as other couples (and participate in more than their fair share of public huffs), but they look so good together, it outweighs any other deficiencies they may share. It isn't that they're classically good-looking, or similarly sized (though certainly both those pairings are permissible). It's more that the aesthetic chord they strike satisfies in profound ways. Like gorgeously plated food or song filled with unusual harmonies, the wan and freckled hand-in-hand with the tragically tan, the pigeon-toed with the duck-walkers, these Excalibur couples achieve such perfection in their pairing that reminds the world that anything is possible.
Comfort Zone
Excalibur is in the Wind pose family. Other Wind poses you might enjoy include Softserve Swirl and The Ventriloquist.
Health Note
An unexpected rash or orthopedic adjustment can sometimes lead an Excalibur couple to fall out of balance. Physical adjustments may need to be made, or an entirely new pose could even be in order.

Rads sent me this link. . . so try it out. . .. I am curious what other people get!

**Two points for the pun.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dana, I'm a french student from HEC and I read almost all your adventure in France last year. It was very funny to have the point of view of a foreign student at Jouy-en-Josas. I hope that you enjoyed it at the end even if it was difficult to get used to (by the way I think too that the "HEC campus world" is very different from the rest of France). But your reportage was great !