Sunday, October 29, 2006

how many licks

In the wicked spirit of Halloween, I will publicly point and laugh at my dog for eating the treats meant for the kids. The other night I came home to find my house littered with tootsie roll sticks. If there was any doubt that my five-foot-when-standing-on- her-hind-legs dog could reach the kitchen counter; well. . . that doubt has been shattered.

Mad props to Sophie for her ability to differentiate between the chocolatey-fruit goodness and the stick of paper.

This isn't the first time we have witnessed Sophie's rampage. For years I have questioned her ability to pick out the fine difference between crappy cotton underwear and anything that is silk. Finally I understand, it is a matter of class, of quality and of taste. This is a dog with a refined palate. It looks like those many years of culinary training have finally paid off; we can differentiate between silk: cotton and tootsie goodness: wrapper. Yo, save some treats for the kids!

In other news, this weekend was great, super fast, but great indeed. Tonight's post comes from unbelievably warm Austin Texas where I get the proud honor of declaring this my 200th post!

On that, good night y'all.

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