Saturday, September 09, 2006

a good weekend

Friday night was pretty shitty outside and I was feeling it inside too. I took a bath and painted my toenails. I had felt oddly cold all day

Andy turned 21 this weekend. It turned out to be a reunion for my friends from first year Kate and Nicole. Then, Nicole, her friend Jorge, Brev and I went up to good ol' St. Joe for a little celebratin'. It was really super- great. We ended up at a house party playing beer pong and the cops pulled up. . . . so those of us in the garage had to be super quiet. ;)

We had lunch with Brev's cousin's who are expecting their first child in two weeks! Then we came back and cleaned- and I set up the "impulse buy" in the office. This evening I hosted book club. We didn't get to talking to the book, but we did talk about plenty of other things. I really like this crew of ladies.

*More on the "impulse buy" at a later date.

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