Thursday, August 17, 2006

oh gee, I blew out my knee

Here is the t.v. version supplied by Lucy:

I was skating when a man with a ski mask attacked me with a crow bar. . . And then I of course yank the crow bar out the masked man’s grip and let him cower under my intimidating presence until the FBI came and whisked him away, giving me credit for the capture of their #1 most wanted.

The truth is somewhat less glamourous. I was running on a treadmill over lunch when my knee started burning and sending shooting pain up my leg. So I got off.

I go back later this week for an MRI, until then I am not supposed to walk on it. They think I either sprained it or tore some cartilage. Both seem pretty silly since I WASN'T DOING ANYTHING. No falls, no twists and no crowbars.

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Casey1030 said...

This is why I don't exercise! Yuck- I hope you feel better soon!