Tuesday, August 22, 2006

catch up

So, the house is near completion. By all standards, this weekend was pretty dull and full of house work. We cleaned, painted and planted. Things are coming along though. I love the cottage.

Last night I saw Em for the first time since I have been back. It was really good and things in her life are going really well so that is always fun. One by one my friends are landing in good places. It is like watching popcorn pop! After I got home we hung up some pictures and then I went to bed.

Today I am working then going home to host some gals from the play for dinner before a little dvd pre-screening. Good times!

The party is in 4 days! Woo hoo!

ps. no news on the knee. Still haven't had the MRI yet. It doesn't hurt as badly anymore though! ;)

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Casey1030 said...

Hey Dana,
We're actually going camping tomorrow- is your party Fri or Sat? We might be back Sat. Anyway- the juno email is fine. It would be fun to get together- I'd love to see your house. I'm so sick of our house projects! Does it ever end? Casey