Thursday, June 22, 2006

why I do what I do

Last night (every night) I had rehearsal for the Music Man. I was working with a group of 10 dancers last night on some pretty tricky stuff. Okay, really tricky stuff. . . The kind of stuff that requires some background in gymnastics and some serious time in the weight room. I had to give mad props to the people who were working last night because they acted like champs even though this is easily the hardest stuff I have choreographed for community theater. There was a lot of sweating and a lot of collaboration between the different attempts at the tricks.

Favorite quotes from last night:
"We are able to get more momentum because we are fatter."
"She is struggling with petititude"
"So. . . are you gonna, you know, do what the song says?" (Barry's honest question regarding the Shipoopi.)

Barry. No, that isn't what the song means. No, we are not going to put that on stage.

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