Sunday, June 25, 2006


Oh. . .life is sweet indeed.

Since the nervous breakdown type thinger in January I have been taking life quite a bit more slowly. AKA. France. I spent a lot of time on France concentrating on NOT over extending myself and NOT running out and making a million friends and NOT having my schedule full to the max with a 1001 things. So now that I am back it is interesting to see the effects of all that France Not'ing has had on my style of life.

I am particularly thoughtful of this for a couple of reasons. 1. I have NOT run out and seen a million people since being home. In fact, I was quite slow to get my phone situation fixed and quite slow to do much outside of rehearsal. I need to be much faster about getting the prozac prescription filled however. 2. I had the good fortune to go to CSB yesterday for reunion weekend. Oh, how sweet it is.

I was only there to sit at a table for a couple of hours but there are places that just fill you up in all the right ways. I was talking to Kolleen, (KK) about France and she asked me a couple of probing questions that pushed me in a way only a skilled mentor can manage. She asked how I feel to be home and how I have changed. I had thought about this a lot while in France but not as much since being back. I am pretty sure I stumbled around in my own words and never really nailed the answer itself. I guess we can chalk this one up to more prodding from the ladies of CSB towards pushing me for the sake of my own personal growth.

St. Ben's and the women who embody St. Ben's have always held a special place for me. To say I love my alma mater is a tremendous understatement. My alma mater is central to my belief system and a core factor in who I am today. There aren't enough words for my appreciation for what CSB has done for my life. Women have special relationships and this institution has done incredible things for celebrating the sacred feminine relationships that pull us out into the world.

After going all the way to France in an attempt to find myself, I found myself right back where I began. The journey has come once again full circle in such a delightful way. This weekend really became about Bennie reflections on the past few months. Bennies, you really are "something else."

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ramblingbarrister said...

That is a great post dear. Very introspective and a wonderful conclusion.