Friday, May 26, 2006

the cat's out of the bag. . .

I am coming home a week early! I will be home a week from Tuesday! Can't wait!

It was supposed to be a surprise to the Barry. But two days ago I biffed it. I was webcamming some virtual auditions for the show I am doing this summer and I typed to someone about changing the rehearsal schedule. . . followed by 'it's still a secret.' I was saddened to read the response, 'not anymore.'

Apparently he was still in the room.

Well, I will know in my heart how cool it would have been.

Because of coming home early, I have a surprising amount of homework to get done. I am sorry for the absence lately on the good ol' blog.

I'll give you the abridged version.

*I have stayed up very late/ all night the last few days sitting in on auditions taking place in MN. They went very well and we have a great cast! Very excited.

*I have done a lot of work and have a couple finals this week, including French! Highlight from my last French class:
Pip reading with an apparently very bad accent: blah blah blah blah blah. . . .
Teacher: (pause, thinking) Will you be staying in France this summer to work?
Pip: No.
Teacher: Aaah, very good then.

Apparently, I am so bad that her breath would be wasted on correcting me.

*Burglary is still crappy. My mom's ring was small, so I thought maybe it would turn up when I started cleaning up but it is still nowhere to be found. I also lost all my small electronic thingers, so I guess there will be no more photo's of France! I will try to bum some off of people for you!

*So sleep is a big concern for me . . . how do you like this one? I apparently now have insomnia? c'est impossible! I have been working out a couple hours a day and I am wondering if it somehow affecting how much sleep I need? . . . I don't know.

*I have also been in conversations with my future employer and have decided to move up my start date to earlier this summer. I was very apprehensive about doing this since the breakdown early this year. However, by moving it up a month I get to work with the team I was on last year and with a product that I am really interested in. They are also going to let me work part time for the first two weeks to ease into it, which should also help keep me from overloading my schedule too much with the play. I am really trying to not take on too much.

*I got a letter from my grandma today!

So seriously people. . . who wants to go for a walk around Como when I get back? Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

But if you come home early I get to see you sooner, and that is a good thing!

Lovies dear!


Anonymous said...

Yippeee! I want to go. =)

Beth H.

rads said...

I'm in for the walk - can I bring my parents and sisters? Oh yeah, and that Seth dude...

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