Saturday, April 15, 2006

guest blog part deux

I decided to steal pip's thunder a bit and pre-empt her on today's blog while she scans the countryside for horses. Not that we can complain here in the Cin Twitties, as it is again 75 degrees out with no clouds in the sky. Life is pretty rough...

For those that missed it, we had a Bored Board games party here at the residence last evening to relieve mine and pip's brother's boredom of life while pip is au francais. It was a good time-- good enough that we're going to need to do it again. But I thought that I should share the lessons at least I learned last night, as they are blog-worthy:

1.) Miller and I are a formidable Trivial Pursuit team. Really, we can be downright scary.
2.) The push for mafia was lacking a bit without Pip. Hmmmm...
3.) Apples to Apples truly requires a subconscious connection that Rads and Snyder seemed to enjoy. I have half a mind to think they were cheating. But my other half-mind wonders why I picked "handcuffs" for the green card "desperate" and somehow also picked "whips" and "chains".
4.) More apples to apples pondering: I fear there may be some correlation between the green cards you "win" and your personality. Whereas Pip's bro ended up with ones such as "intelligent" and "wise", at the end of the night I had the following in my hand: Corrupt, Soft, Fresh, Nasty, Rough, Delicious, Sensual, and Luscious. Should I be worried about this? Should Pip be worried about this?
5.) Far more seriously, I learned the extreme need for such random fun connection evenings in life. It's far too easy to get stuck in the virtual world of blogs and IM and in the robotic nature of a career. I have spent the past month or so since I visited Pip stuck in techno-world attempting to compensate for my own feelings of missing her. While it is the best option we have, IM is a poor substitute for real personal presence, and the ability to smile and laugh with someone in person is something intangible that cannot be recreated.

But aside from being with who we love, it is our friends who give us the ability to continue moving on, for they allow us to appreciate our own opportunities and successes. From last night I recognized it was the ability to do something as simple as a walk around the lake with great conversation (thanks, Snyder), notwithstanding the rambunctious dog, that allows us to feel reinvigorated and refreshed.

With our world spreading out it is my great fear that we will lose that personal connection-- wherein great adventures were a dorm room and a N64 away, it now can take an intra-suburb trip, hours in a car, or even a long plane ride to reconnect. While new friends and faces are inevitable, there is something comforting about being with those that know us well. That feeling is instant yet irreplaceable, but very much necessary.

Ok, I have rambled enough for today, taking up already too much of pip-vision. Now back to your regularly scheduled dose of pip.


Snyder said...

As a witness to the above-mentioned Bored Board Games evening, I have to agree that our favorite litigator is definitely "corrupt, soft, fresh, nasty, rough, delicious, sensual, and luscious," even though he traded a few less desireable cards for select members of that linguistic group. Party on Pip! Party on Brev!

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