Wednesday, April 12, 2006

100 posts, 100 pieces of useless FAQ.

In honor of my 100th post, I am going to address the couple of FAQ and the many not so FAQ that I thought my good friend, the internet, might want to know.

1. Mes Vies means My Lives
2. I am very tall and very afraid of heights.
3. Grilled cheese and tomato soup should be standard issue on bad days.
4. I make up nicknames for my loved ones.
5. Honest—I wake up with a smile on my face. (I disagreed. But the barrister says it is true. Yes, he did help me think of some of these. . . . 100 is a lot. And once I realized how many, it was too late to back out.)
6. Favorite songs- Jackson 5 ABC and Eye of the Tiger. No question.
7. My dog lifts her leg to reveal her ‘stomach’ if you make eye contact with her.
8. I have many mentors and am very blessed for their gifts.
9. My stomach talks....and sometimes, when I’m alone, I talk back..
10. I run, but I don’t really love it, it is just the easiest form of exercise.
11. I am very sad about missing Easter at CSB and playing cards with Srs. Janice, Merle and Lois. Easter is a very special holiday for me.
12. I know a lot of kid songs and I still think they are fun. It works well because I happen to know a lot of kids.
13. Pip is the main character in Great Expectations. Google it. . . interesting character stuff.
14. I have a sweet tooth. The phrase ‘This is too rich’ has never exited my lips.
15. I take lessons for the sake of learning new things.
16. I’ve always wanted to be invisible.
17. __________
18. I used to eat a lot of ice cream because I was told that it would make your chest grow. Lies!
19. I use the word community a lot.
20. I am allergic to most metals.
21. I started this blog because I hoped that it would be an easy way to keep in touch with my family and friends, and my friends who are family. Lovies!
22. I would naturally stop here due to laziness and lack of creativity. . . but I already numbered the page to 100.
23. I don’t sing or play the piano well, but always had a dream.
24. I don’t embarrass easily. Works out well because I don’t sing or play the piano well.
25. I have an obnoxiously loud laugh
26. I love Cate Blanchett.
27. I get excited by ideas.
28. I like daisies because they are purely happy.
29. Some of my greatest lessons to date I learned from my ladies in college.
30. I am an abstract thinker
31. I started dating the Barrister on instant messenger.
32. I asked him out first.
33. He asked me to marry him.
34. He is wonderful.
35. I have scoliosis, and I refer to myself as Quasi. Usually I am drunk when this happens.
36. I don’t watch a lot of tv on tv, but I do love tv on dvd. Preferably in marathon sessions. We once tried to do 24 in 24. No good.
37. I think meat on pizza stomps all over the more delicate flavors of vegetable goodness.
38. I am often told that I am perceived as very serious but am in reality quite goofy.
39. I don’t think in a linear pattern.
40. Pants can be an adjective, adverb and a noun
41. When I think about people I love, my heart hurts a bit from missing them so much.
42. I have a tendency to become a hermit when I am not feeling well. I am not good at reaching out to people during those times.
43. Bed is my favorite place in the world. When doing relaxation exercises and they tell you to go somewhere peaceful. . . like a beach or the mountains.. . I go to bed. Always have. Always will.
44. I like it when He calls me Dear.
45. I think showering is a waste of time and I try to strategically time it so that I don’t ever have to shower twice a day.
46. I didn’t see the ocean until I was 22.
47. When I was a kid I pictured myself in ET...when I was an adult, I pictured myself in Sex in the City. How times change.
48. I love dancing at gay bars.
49. I am reading a Jodi Picoult book currently. It was recommended. I'll let you know the results.
50. I put reading on my ‘to-do’ list. To-Do lists go on post-its.


51. I once ate off my father-in-law's plate at a Christmas dinner. Before he was my father-in-law. He laughed. . . good sign for me.
52. I have a recent fascination with organizing the files on my computer.
53. I wear flip flops in the snow.
54. I am particular about my pillows.
55. My writing is getting worse as I get older.
56. I like good food.
57. I can no longer do the splits.
58. I have this thing about matching. . . I like red and green together only in the month of December, and I like pink and purple together only during Easter. It bugs people.
59. I am not a Bush supporter.
60. I state the obvious.
61. I really want to be pregnant some day. I think pregnancy is one of the most beautiful life stages possible. The idea of one life being able to give to another makes my heart beat faster.
62. I have a lame sense of humor.
63. I am afraid of ghosts and I sleep with the lights on if I am home alone.
64. I judge others based upon my own moral compass, but I am not proud of that trait, and it can sometimes leave me unsatisfied.
65. I love smart people who love to just talk about how the world is for them.
66. My grandparents and relatives have been instrumental in my upbringing.
67. It isn’t that I take on too much . . . it's that I get bored easily.
68. I am right handed.
69. I am an online shopper. I love free shipping. I avoid the malls if at all possible. I hate trying things on.
70. If someone gave me a brick . . . I would use it as a doorstop?! (Franky contributed that question.)
71. My most frequent complaint is that people don’t care about me the way I care about them. But being here is teaching me about how little that matters in regards to my love for them.
72. When I am nervous I can’t catch my breath.
73. I spend a lot of time thinking about poverty and its implications.
74. I love city living.
75. Painted toenails are fun.
76. The Barrister used to give me a pedicure every month. . just like Jesus washed the feet of the disciples. I like to tell the Barrister that he can be like Jesus whenever he wants. . . .
77. I love to have my back scratched.
78. I had planned on naming our dog ‘ASK’ER’ but the Barrister vetoed it when he saw her cuddle for the first time.
79. I like the word grace.
80. My first job was peddling pens. Not as sexy as it sounds. Exactly.
81. I have yet to cook salmon successfully.
82. There is a soundtrack to my life. Shawn is the DJ.
83. I hate having hair in my face.
84. Caffeine.
85. Target sushi is acceptable date food.
86. 500 holds many fond memories for me.
87. I prefer 8 hours of sleep each night.
88. I would consider myself very spiritual but not necessarily religious in a traditional sense.
89. I read spoilers of scary movies so that I don’t have to see them. I have learned that actually seeing scary movies does not help me at all.
90. Not a math fan.
92. I laugh at inappropriate times.
93. I learned to knit from a book called I Can’t Believe I am Knitting!, and I learned to crochet from a book called Crocheting! In Just One Day! And I paid for these books.
94. DDR is A-OK. Dance Dance Party Dance!
95. Am I wrong or is golfing like chasing a tiny little ball around a field until it happens to fall into a tiny little hole?
96. I want my table to always be a welcome place for all.
97. In the summer, I love air conditioning. In the winter, I love the furnace. Apparently, have no body temperature regulation.
98. I can’t find anything the minute I start looking for it.
99. I love countdowns. VH1, MTV, E!-- they all are great. Why is Thriller always the number 1 video of all time?! Give me a break people . .

100. I want a hug.


ramblingbarrister said...

Lots of hugs for you from home, dear!


Anonymous said...

Hello from MN. I really enjoyed this post, as I have many others, but particularly this one. I played a little game while I was reading it to see how many I already knew. Somewhere around half! Number 101- Yay for little personal games that can be made up to pass time!


Beth said...

While reading this, I could hear you speaking the words and giggling through it! What a great post. My favorites include 81 and 76. :)
I hope that you are enjoying Paris in the spring. I love the tulips in that large park...I forget the name of it...I think it is by Notre Dame?
Oh, DKB, miss you lots. Big HUGS from me!

pip said...

I love you all so much!

EMily said...

Hey Lady,
made me miss you even more! Have a great day. Buy some daisies and think of us!

pip said...

102. i have incredible friends.

Anonymous said...

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