Sunday, March 05, 2006

teach me your dance

The Thursday Party
Originally uploaded by mes vies.

Remember how I was saying that the french do the Macarena? Or at least some group aerobics type dance that looks like the Macarena? Well my public, for you I have answers. . .

Ok- so the Thursday parties are still one of the most fascinating events at HEC. This particular Thursday was the "big party"-- meaning they take the entire cafeteria, which looks like a room that was furnished entirely with neon, plastic, Ikea furniture and turn it into a dance club. Note the picture.

So, anyway before the party- there is the "pre" party- complete with as much vodka pomme (apple juice and vodka, the HEC drink of preference) as you would like. It just so happened that pre-party was in the same building as the french YMCA convention! Yay! Answers!

So, after more than one (or two. . . or. . . ) vodka pommes I hopped over to the room with the dancers/ exercisers and got the scoop from my new 19 year old friend, Pierre.

They are first year undergrads running for student senate- each team of about 40 students or so has to create a dance and perform it the day of elections. So you guessed it. . . I am a proud honorary member of SeenInnocence*, one of the groups campaigning. *I don't get the play on words. . .

Pierre and his posse taught me their dance (to Touch Me) and it has all of the following "moves":
guns shooting in the air
hip thrusting
cat scratching
rocky like bag training
hands pulsing over a beating heart

I am sure I can find a way to integrate this into the Music Man.

*my favorite part is the 20 or so students all calling out the moves in unison:


Caligula said...

Is there ANY chance we will get a video of that performance?!


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