Friday, March 24, 2006

I hope you all think this is half as funny as I do

Often the morning after big parties, students will put a sign on the door asking the cleaning lady not to enter at 8 am. Think of it as the French equivalent of the Do Not Disturb Sign.

Here is why this is funny:

George speaks French much better than English. He is from Quebec.
The Clean Lady only speaks French. Frantic miming sessions can vouch for this fact. Ponder this: What is the universal symbol for garbage can?

I was walking to the bathroom this morning and passed George's door and immediately ran back to my room to get my camera.

In George's defense- he blames this on the fact that so many of his friends (me) prefer English.
George I will not clean your room. Promise.


Pirate said...

I thought he preferred dirty ladies.

G-E said...

Okay, i was drunk... SOOOOO... i'm still not into dirty ladies...

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