Sunday, February 05, 2006


Although things are pretty busy until I leave-- it is all with UBERgreat things. As many of you know, I greatly prefer busyness to idleness. But I greatly prefer idleness that involves movies or theater or napping to busyness. So here are some recent UBERgreat activities from the last day or so:

1. Margaritas with Emily. Girl. you know me well. . . . nothing but love here. . . .
2. Getting the barrister to take a nap and watch the American President- yes, with Michael Douglas AND Annette Benning. . . . Barrister- you made me proud. I will make you lazy yet. . . .
3. Matty and Barrister are coming to visit me in France in a month!! Wahoozers.
4. SupEEERRRRR. Any english word can become a french word if you either explode the second half of the word or ommit the second half entirely ( ex. gourmet.)
5. Barbara's party. Good times.

1 comment:

Emily said...

ok here is your fricking comment:) much love to you lady, more then I love margaritas! I will miss you uber much!