Monday, February 27, 2006

the french education system

Couple points I would like to share:

The positive:
1. Each class has a packet- and those packets are FREE!!! That's right! F-R-E-E!
2. There is a really cheap coffee machine immediately inside the building.
3. The school has a subscription to many newspapers- all of which are free for students to pick up.

The negative:
1. There are not assigned classrooms for classes so each and ever day you have to stop by this television which has shows a list of the room assignments for each class that day. Not so convenient in the morning when you are almost surely running late from trying to push your way through the mobs of French students. Would it be sooooo hard to assign a classroom for an entire semester? I mean the game of musical classrooms is fun and all.. . .but, still.
2. The queue for the coffee machine is quite long and the menu is in french. but it is perfectly acceptable to be late to class as long as you walk in holding the sacred dixie cup of coffee.
3. Who the hell has time to read newspapers for pleasure? I am too busy trying to read my damn marketing case and keep up my social life. Geez.


roxanne said...

I miss you!!-you sound so cosmopolitan-wonderful experiences -I love your blog-if I download that sky thing how do we talk -i don't get it....

sandy said...

I love reading all your observations! have you been shopping yet?! I'd like to hear your thoughts on that subject:-)