Thursday, February 23, 2006

Does not translate:

The student organization here is called:

"Pulp it up"

Is there some english reference that I am just not getting?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dana! I just caught up on your blog this morning in an attempt to avoid my statistics homework, which my professor said will be by far the toughest yet of the semester... (and I was proud of the strenuous calculations I'd done thus far!)... i'm a bit hesitant to begin, I must say. =) France sounds like an adventure, and it sounds like you're adjusting well. i sympathized with the "where's the coffee" struggle. That alone would have been enough to blacken my hopes for the day. =) kirsten and reggie's wedding was last night, and it was fabulous. very touching, all around. lots of crying during the ceremony, the speeches, etc. lots of idzerdies dominating the dance floor, which was super fun. We missed you, and wish you well on your adventures. =) Liz D.