Saturday, February 18, 2006

coffee in bowls

So let's get back to this Maslow thing. . . remember food and shelter being important? Okay- so my biggest dilemma at this point-- and I am sad to admit it-- is the fact that I still can't figure out the food situation. I am on my third day of 1 meal a day and I can't say I am super pleased about it.

Today I got up early, 5 am France time, went for a run and then tried to make my way back to the cafeteria for some food. Of course, because I am clueless, I decided to follow the French girl that looked like she knew what was up with the food situation. I followed her-- got some bread- which as it turns out IS breakfast here. Then I sat down and ate my bread-- realized that other people have coffee. . . but I don't know where it is.. . and all I see is bowls. I later find out that the bowls and the coffee are related. So after my bread, I return to the dorm to find the power has gone out-- as has the internet. SAD PANTS!!! NO worries, I think to myself- I will take a shower- but turns out that shower is freezing cold. Son of a. . . . So I accidentally took a nap, which means I skipped the 30 minute window they call lunch.

Dinner is in an hour -- which means FOOD and a single sex bathroom.

Goals for tonight:
Send out contact information
have some coffee or coke light.

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Caligula said...

Damn French...

Maybe this toughening by no warm water and food is part of the MBA program in Europe?! :-)

Hope things pick up soon.