Tuesday, January 31, 2006

KK Rocks my world!

I am full of love for KK.
We went to lunch and I was super touched by her spirit.

I will give you the SUPER-Abridged story.
She gave me a bowl- which is a family tradition from her grandmother- because women represent a bowl- as they bring people into them and nourish them. But each bowl is different depending on the woman- so some are pottery if the woman is grounded, or some are porcelain with roses etc if the woman is pretty etc. .

So she gave me the same type of bowl her grandmother gave her: cut glass

it radiates light
you can see through it
and it is beautiful

for those of you who are KK fans- you will know that this is probably the deepest compliment you could ever receive.

I think my bowl is:
Full. Of. Love.

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